Goodbye, San Diego


It’s official. I am now free-range. This morning I loaded my car. Amazingly, everything fit. Shortly after noon, I pulled out. Ten years ago, I arrived in San Diego terrified. I was beginning a new life. I am leaving with a similar sense of dread. Another new life. In between the bookend terror were ten amazing years. I love the San Diego area. I love the people I met and the associations I made. I love the memories.

But the time had come. After days on end of bitter rain, today dawned bright and blue. I pulled out of the rural mountain valley I had been calling home. A quick library stop. Twenty minutes later, I was on the Five headed north. Not long after, I was out of San Diego County. Down on the cellular level, my being felt the shift. No going back. No north, no south, no east, no west. Just forward.

I’m with a friend in Orange County right now. Nearly midnight. A new day …


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