Catching Up: Part III – Integratron and Giant Rock

I’ve been sleeping in a tent for the last eight or nine days. Now staying at a friend’s house in Phoenix. To recap some of my experiences …


The Integratron: A rejuvenation, resonator, time machine structure built in the 1950s by George Van Tassel, a retired aerospace engineer, based on plans provided to him by Venusians. The place, just above Joshua Tree in the Mohave Desert, is currently used for sound baths. Had one there about 6 years ago – the acoustics are amazing.

In this sound bath, we climbed a ladder to a plank deck and lay down on blankets, looking up at the beamed dome ceiling. The senses have a way of playing tricks on you – I felt as if I were hovering from above, looking down. From somewhere, crystal bowls started resonating. The effect was ethereal and surreal. Little did I know, years later, I would be doing similar stuff on people with my didgeridoo.

The place was closed when I arrived this time, so this was just a drive-by visit. Went down the road a bit for a picnic lunch, waiting for aliens to appear. Alas, just the usual earthling traffic.

The next day, I went out to visit Giant Rock, where the Venusians contacted George Van Tassel. This was also the site of his UFO conventions during the 50s, which helped fund the building of his Integratron. The place was also sacred to the Indians who used to live here. I was just going to make a quick stop, but wound up staying two hours.


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