Catching Up: Part VI – Colorado River

I’ve been sleeping in a tent for the last eight or nine days. Now staying at a friend’s house in Phoenix. To recap some of my experiences …


Sunrise over the Colorado. The location was one of the pleasant surprises of my trip. After heading out from the Salton Sea, I drove northeast through the vast agribusiness tracts of Imperial Valley. “Farms,” is the wrong word to describe the industrialized food grown here. Thanks to irrigation from the Colorado River and mountain run-offs, we have green fields where there should be desert. But the view out the window hardly resembles your idealized pastoral landscape.

Yes, the assembly-line produce and meat helps feed the world. This is a tribute to our resourcefulness, but the long-term droughts throughout California give one the feeling we are living on borrowed time.

Then the scenery changed to the pristine beauty of the desert. Soon, out my window, a little piece of Arabia. I half-expected to be waving to a Bedouin on a camel. Instead, we are greeted with the tracks of dune buggies. We are in California, where residents and visitors use nature as their playground. Surfing, rock-climbing, dune buggies, our play defines our way of life here.


An hour or so later, in the town of Palo Verde, I unexpectedly came upon wetlands. Here, in a campground, I pitched my tent and later chilled out under a full moon.



Here are some cranes (I think) flying under the full moon at sunset.


And a morning bird …


Ah, life …



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