Didge and Pasta in Tucson

Lots of catching up to do. It seemed like yesterday – it seemed like a century ago – that I was in Apache Junction, hiking in the Superstitions and hanging out with my now dear friend, Leanna. All too soon, it was time to make tracks. First stop, Tucson …


Here I am, with Tara and Mike. I met Tara a few years ago at a didgeridoo gathering in Oregon. Tribal members are so special that I’m beginning to develop a theory that we belong to a special class of people I refer to as “outliers.” We just don’t fit into the statistical norm. Not all outliers are didgeridoo people, but just about all didgeridoo people, I submit, meet my criteria for outliers.

In my second book in The Bipolar Expert Series – In Search of Our Identity – I offer a sketchy take of the outlier type. I hope to fill in more details as I do more research and develop new insights, but basically we’re talking about people who have always felt different, almost as if they didn’t belong on this planet. In my book, I list a number of personality traits that separates us from the “normal majority,” including introversion, high creativity and intuition, and highly sensitive. We also tend to fall into various oddball categories on the Meyers-Briggs (in particular, “intuitive-feelers”).

Not surprisingly, we’re not going to be very fulfilled trying to live someone else’s version of “normal.” In fact, we can get extremely depressed. But around each other, we just light up. We don’t have to pretend, we don’t have to wear masks. We can just be.

Tara is a highly accomplished artist. She’s been playing the didgeridoo forever and has been to 12 or so Oregon didge gatherings. She drew Mike into the didge, and now he makes them. One of his didges, in particular, took me into a new dimension. I felt a vibrational sense I had never experienced. It was almost, when I wasn’t looking, a Boddhi Tree had taken root and sprouted up around me.

Back to earth, we picked up some ingredients for my world-famous pasta sauce. Here is the result.


Mike had three helpings. The cat liked it, too.



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