Road-Running Through New Mexico


I would have loved to have stayed in New Mexico much longer, but I now needed to stick to a strict schedule. My drive-by visit didn’t do the state any justice, but the good news is that it will still be here next year.


Here is the view waking up in the mountains outside Silver City. The day before, I had woken up to a blazing desert sun in southeastern AZ. Then back into the desert …


White Sands National Monument. I was looking forward to viewing this wonder under a night sky, but a fierce sandstorm squelched this plan. Here’s the storm from my campsite at a nearby state park …


It was only after the storm died down later that evening that I was able to pitch my tent. In the meantime, I strapped three didgeridoos over my shoulder and visited my new friend, Becky. As you may recall from an earlier post, she and her three kids stumbled upon me playing my didgeridoo among the ruins at Montezuma Well. We instantly hit it off, and through Facebook discovered our paths would be crossing again. We both rolled into the campground within minutes of each other.


The boys, by the way, were naturals on the didge. Mom was pretty good, too. Husband Rob took the photo.

Later, dinner inside their RV. Plus pokemon and lots of good conversation. All too soon, it was time to go …


What a difference a few hours and several thousand feet makes. New Mexico is full of surprises …


Hours later, a sense of flatness asserted itself. Below, minutes from Carlsbad Caverns, where I was about to pitch my tent …


Soon after, the flatness unexpectedly opened up into canyons. Then, before I knew it, I was on foot, 800-feet below the ground …


A few hours later, this happened …


By then, however, I was already looking forward to late this year and well into next year. New Mexico, I will be back.


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