Through Texas


My plan had been to get through Texas as fast as possible. But Texas is way too big for that. I entered the state via the scenic Guadelupe Mountains …


Then the landscape turned harsh …


And the warnings turned Biblical …


After hours of unremittingly bleak country, I unexpectedly came across a state park situated in the dunes off I-10. I got my tent up just as the sun was setting …


Two days later, not far out of Fort Worth, at a campground by a lake, I woke up to a flat battery. That is when I got to meet Frank and John …


They were loading their truck nearby and very kindly came to my assistance, and got me up and running. I told them a bit of my story. This moved John to request a prayer. We bowed our heads as he thanked the Lord for bringing us together this day and asked the Lord to look over me on my journey. Hard to hold back the tears.


A couple of hours later, I experienced a joyous reunion with Kinike. This was supposed to be a quick breakfast. Instead, we wound up going on till 3. Kinike is a legendary mental health advocate. It’s been at least 12 years since we last saw each other. Once we got talking, we couldn’t stop. And of course we had to have a didgeridoo-ukulele jam in the parking lot. This is what life is all about. All too soon, it was time to go.

A final night in Texas, beneath the pines …




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