Golf Cart Tour, The Villages, FL


From my visit, here, the first two weeks of April …

Back in the 80s, some developers actually figured out that if you put up decent places that people could call home, along with amenities and places to go, and made it affordable, people such as retired school teachers from up north might actually be willing to sign on the dotted line.

The Villages now has some 120,000 residents, nearly all of them retirees. None of them were born here, none grew up here or raised their families here, but all have made new lives for themselves here, and are building new communities in the process.  Into my sister’s golf cart …


Eat my dust …


This used to be a Munchkin tunnel …


You gotta watch out for aggressive drivers …


If there is no golf course somewhere in your field of vision, then you are not in The Villages …


The week before, it was nothing but Harley’s outside the joint …


This guy is in no hurry to get anywhere. Maybe that’s the point …






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