Miles to go before I sleep …


I’m at a friend’s in NJ. Lot’s of catching up to do. My last location was Baton Rouge, LA, with a didge buddy there. This was the last day of March, this year. Now I needed to be in the middle of Florida in two days. No time to poke around and enjoy the country. It was a straight haul down I-10.

The road has kind of been my umbilical cord. I picked it up outside of LA, where it took me to Joshua Tree National Park. I reconnected with it on my way into AZ, where it took me to friends in Phoenix and Apache Junction. Later, it took me into Tucson. I got back on it somewhere in NM, where it took me to White Sands. I found it again just before Baton Rouge, and hooked up with it again, just outside. A couple of days more going east, and both the road and I would run out of continental landmass.

If I made good time today, it would be a leisurely ride to my destination the next day. Good ol’ I-10. I really put in the miles …

Mississippi, Alabama, the Florida. I checked my map. A national forest beckoned. A couple of hours later, I had my tent up by the edge of a swamp. Trust me, God provides the best accommodations …


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