Precious Moments


Late April, May, June …

This is granddaughter, Olivia, just shy of three. On three separate occasions, I was able to commute by train into NYC from New Jersey to be with daughter Emily, son-in-law Hamish, and my four grandkids, ranging in age from seven to six months. Each visit lasted about four days. Owing to a three-week bronchial infection and work I needed to catch up on, visits two and three were separated by some five weeks.

Anyway, some highlights: A trip to the Museum of Modern Art. Emily takes the kids here all the time. The two oldest ones, Ted and Maggie, have a high level of sophistication. Van Gogh is Ted’s favorite artist, Matisse Maggie’s. Here they, are, posing by their favorite pics …


But I simply love this one of Ted not posing, seemingly lost in a Jackson Pollock …


And this one of Maggie, in front of Warhol’s soup cans …


Maggie and Olivia sharing the moment at a nook (or is it a cranny) at Central Park …


Ted and his hoop dreams …


And baby Mary …


I’m about to walk the two kids to school. I will return with a couple of bagels and a quiet moment or two with Emily …


And how could I leave this one out …


Alas, the time has come. I drop off the two oldest ones at school one last time. Then a final coffee and bagel with Emily. The bedtime stories, the games of checkers and hide-and-seek, our excursions to parks and museums, the didgeridoo sessions, our sit-down meals as a family, all that and more – they’re now memories, precious moments in time.

At the time of writing this, my family has just touched down in Brisbane. And I’m about to hit the road again.

If we think of our identities – our sense of self – as built around our memories, then I have been blessed by quite a few really good ones. I now have a refurbished heart with an extended warranty. More precious moments are in my future …


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