Leaving New Jersey


July 10 …

Leigha was my gracious host for more than two months. She offered me a home base where I could commute into NYC from Lawrenceville, NJ to be with my daughter and son-in-law and 4 grandkids, plus a sanctuary where I could recover from a nasty bronchial infection, plus the space to update my book. Together, we also worked on a project of hers. Ten years ago, Leigha photographed me for the author portrait of my first book. This is her most recent work …


Time to fill my tank …

In NJ, this means sitting in your car as an attendant runs out. Well, you never know what might happen when you open a conversation. A guy from India or Pakistan – gray beard, bad teeth – came out to fill my tank. I could have chosen to say nothing, but you never know. So I made a stupid joke about how I knew I was in NJ. He probably heard it a zillion times before from out-of-state drivers. But he chose to comment in my CA plate. Next thing, some of my story came out. Then HIS story came out. This involved 10 or 12 days in a coma he wasn’t supposed to emerge from. He dreamed he had an animal head and a human body and that numerous docs were trying meds on him to revive him. Turned out his dream was more or less true. The fifth doc found the med that brought him out of the coma and saved his life. So here were the two of us, now sharing a precious bond, both of us enjoying a the miracle of a new lease on life. And to think I would have missed out on this by being too proud to make a stupid conversational opening remark.

Finally, one last friend to drop in on …


Onward …





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